...here you find info on all depressive recordings ever done...

this list is not complete at all...so if you know any Sampler or Compilation or whatever that contains DEPRESSION musick, please let us know !!!

Good Guys Go Grind Vol. 4 Digital (2023)

DEPRESSION - "Pyrokinesis" (taken from split-12"LP/CD/MC with N.V.)

(w/Arrogänt, Eraser, Hate For Humanity, Mental Mutilation, Gruesome Stuff Relish, Gore Bash, Psychic War, Statist, Avgrundslijud, Embalming Theatre, Yattai, Vilmort, Cannibal Verox, Days Of Desolation, Pantalgia, Agujero Podrido Extreme Evil Noise Death, One Day In Fukushima, Snagg, Unhinge, Dead Hand Caress, Last Days Of Humanity, Trachoma, Oopin, Moisturizer, Feind, Kouristus, Disease, Xico Picadinho, Sociopathic Behaviour, Flvx Capacitor, Nerve Gas, Insistent, Displease, Your Enemy, OxBxDx, Sanitys Dawn, Vision Of War, Disuse, Trigger, Himura, Rot, Ergophobia, Repulsive Feast, Suppressant, Moler, OOprobiOO, Prumyslova Smrt, Humanitys Fault, Sickrecy, Gross Human Deformation, Depression)

released by Good Guys Go Grind Fanzine, Ukranie

Demonic Tales Vol. I CD (2022)

DEPRESSION - "Pyrokinesis" (taken from split-12"LP/CD/MC with N.V.)

(w/A Mors Et Bello, Abberoth, Anouk, Black Pesten, Blasphemovs War, Burning Shadow, Cup of Blood, Exaversum, Fractured, Four Days of Funeral, Libre Albredio, Plan9, Psyckophony, Putred Scum, Rex Defunctis, TIF, Unblessed, Castel in Ruins, Space Loneliness, Depression)

released by Demonic Tales Fanzine, Mexico

Hymns Of Eternal Decay - A NRW Death Metal Compilation CD (2022)

DEPRESSION - "Grabeskaelte" (exclusive track)

(w/Abscession, Abythic, Crypts, Denomination, Depravity, Deus Invernus, Heretic Warefare, The Infernal Deceit, Lifeless, Reckless Manslaughter, Resurrected, Selfdevoured, Suffocate Bastard, Witchtower, Depression)

released by Suffer Productions, Germany

A Tribute to DEATH CD (2022)

DEPRESSION - "Torn to Pieces" (taken from split-7"EP with Eroded)

(w/Mayhem, Sepultura, Obscura, Epica, Sinister, Desaster, Illdisposed, Abysmal Dawn, Atrocity, Pessimist, Insidious Disease, Profanity, Acheron, Gory Blister, Neurosis, Depression)

released by Legacy Magazine, Germany

Disgusting Art Vol. I CD (2021)

DEPRESSION - "Seelenseuche & Geweidepest" (special exclusive mix)

(w/Reckless Manslaughter, Lifeless, Chasing Death, Death Comes In Waves, The Void`s Embrace, Wrathrone, Sepiroth, Blodtake, Smorrah, Mortal`s Path, Sanity`s Eclipse, Funeral Whore, Old Ruins, Nightbearer, Depression)

released by Disgusting Art, Germany

Support the Underground Vol. II CD (2021)

DEPRESSION - "Knochenfäule" (taken from CD "Ära der Finsternis")

(w/Rademassaker, Doomentor, Extinction, Mortal Terror, Sexorcism, Sleeping Well, Sacrifized, Castigo, Maeror, Bloodland, Evilizers, Nightbearer, Depression)

released by Unholy Fire Records, Germany

Put To Death Vol. I CD (2017)

DEPRESSION - "A colossal Vision" (taken from split-7"EP with Gonorhoeaction)

(w/Witch Vomit, Torture Rack, Nekro Drunkz, Sempiternal Dusk, Tumult, Church of Disgust, Aggravator, Rademassaker, Vomit Angel, Sakrificer, Rude, Depression)

released by Headsplit Records, USA


DEPRESSION - "Crimson Harvest" (taken from 7" EP with Eroded)
DEPRESSION - "Grave Robbers robbed my Grave" (taken from CD "Dekade(nz)")
DEPRESSION - "Leichenduft" (taken from split-CD/LP/MC with Mesrine)
DEPRESSION - "Meaninglessness" (taken from 7" EP with Kadaverficker)

(w/Dead,, Kadaverficker, Diaroe, Depression)

released by Goreminister, Germany

Tribute To Blood CD (2014)

DEPRESSION - "Dogmatize" (taken from 7" EP "Ein Hauch von Moder")
DEPRESSION - "Down to the Swamp" (exclusive track, later used on the split-7" EP with Kadaverficker)


released by Alarma Records, Burning Dogma Records, American Line Records, Rot Rot Productions, Purulent Grinder Records, Lymphatic Sexual Orgy Records, Mexico

Gentle Carnage Vol. 5 CD (2014)

DEPRESSION - "Spread The Lies" (taken from split-7" EP with Eroded)

(w/Spherion, Sonic Reign, Diary About My Nightmares, Nailed To Obscurity, Ichorid, Disparaged, Boiler, Craving, Endemicy, Punish, Eraserhead, Burial Vault, Schattenfang, Last Remind, Higurd, Demento, Lax´N´Volley, Depression)

released by Gentle Carnage Zine, Germany

Obscene Extreme Vol. 15 CD (2013)

DEPRESSION - "Spread The Lies" (taken from split-7" EP with Eroded)

(w/Napalm Death, Exhumed, Ratos De Porao, Grave, Agathocles, Aborted, Haemorrhage, Krisiun, Birdflesh, Hooded Menace, Malignant Tumour, Gadget, Entrails Massacre, Christ Denied, Captain Cleanoff, Fuck The Facts, Gruesome Stuff Relish, Mumakil , Strong Intention, Holocausto Canibal, Antigama, Perfecitizen, Distress, Coldwar, Jesus Ain't In Poland, Massgrav, Oblivionized, Infanticide, Sete Star Sept, Department Of Correction, Parental Advisory,Warfuck, Six-Score, Smashing Dumplings, Depression)

released by Obscene Productions, Czech Republic

Under The Sign Of The Bloodred Horizon Vol. 1 CD (2010)

DEPRESSION - "Grace To The World" (taken from CD "Dekade(nz)")
DEPRESSION - "Grave Robbers Robbed My Grave" (taken from CD "Dekade(nz)")

(w/Thurs, Azahel´s Fortress, Zora, Varluv, Infinity, Paragon Belial, Cryfemal, Pestnebel, Sanguis, Adversam, Hinsides, Depression)

released by Bloodred Horizon Records, Austria

A Tribute to Nasum CD (2009)

DEPRESSION - "Fantasibilder" (exclusive track, later used on split-7" EP with Fleshripper)

(w/Coldworker, Misery Index, Leng Tch`e, Deathbound, Total Fucking Destruction, The Arson Project, Rotten Sound, Afgrund, Mumakil , Japanische Kampfhörspiele, Dead Infection, Kill The Client, Krush, Infanticide, Rompeprop, Nashgul, Putrescence, Sanity`s Dawn, Splitter, Blockheads, Accion Mutante, Embalming Theatre, Obligatorisk Tortyr, Who`s My Saviour, Mastic Scum, Keitzer, Collision, Goregast, My Cold Embrace, Magnicide, Poostew, Sakatat, Utopium, Rottencold, White Eyes, Nyctophobic, Infest, Black Hole Of Calcutta, Drudgery, Ablach, K.S.K., Masochist, Methadone Abortion Clinic, Expose Your Hate, Treason Grind, Sound Of Detestation, Trepan'Dead, Horrificia, Grind Crusher, Venocide, Creativ Waste, Bathtub Shitter, Depression)

released by power It Up Records, Germany

A Tribute to Mortician CD (2007)

DEPRESSION - "Bloodcraving" (taken from CD/LP/MC "Chronische Depression")

(w/XXX Maniak, Fleshbomb, Carnavage, Rigor Mortis, Huevo Duro, Grandma, Veneral Disease,Brutal Noise,
Sewage Sammich., Screaming Afterbirth, Cannibal Motivation, Sodomy Tortue, Serrando Codos, Inbreeding Sick,
Iron Buttler, Sangrena Febrosa, Katalepsy, Umblical Fetal Strangulation, Monigo, Horrisono, Axon, Necrocannibal,
3.15 AM, Klysmaphiliac, Bloodthirst, Methadone Abortion Clinic, Atavism, Funeral Rape, Rot, Obscene, Social Shit,
Bestial Devastation, Carnivore Mind, Ancient Necropsy, C.A.R.N.E., Vomit Slit, Corpsefucking Art,
Lymphatic Phlegm, Depression)

released by Alarma Records, Mexico

Giants Of Grind #2 DVD (2006)

DEPRESSION - "Infection" (live, exclusive for this recording)
DEPRESSION - "Amputations for my Rations" (live, exclusive for this recording)

(w/Antigama, Dysmorfic, F.U.B.A.R., Jigsore Terror, Mastic Scum, Mesrine,
Suppository, Third Degree, Total Mass Confusion, Depression)

released by Power It Up Records, Germany

NRW Death Metal - Western Sickness Vol.1 CDR (2006)

DEPRESSION - "Leichenduft" (taken from split-CD/LP/MC with Mesrine)
DEPRESSION - "I spit in your Grave" (taken from split-CD/LP/MC with Mesrine)
DEPRESSION - "The Exorcist" (taken from DCD/MC "Das Relikt")

(w/Suffocate Bastard, World Downfall, Infecdead, Transgression,
Kadath, Exposed Guts, Low Incision, By Brute Force, Kadaverficker, Depression)

released by NRWDM, Germany

Joining Forces - Three The Hard Way CDR+ (2005)

DEPRESSION - "Leichenduft" (taken from split-CD/LP/MC with Mesrine)

(w/Purgatory, Soul Demise, My Cold Embrace, Deadborn, Wirchburner, Fall Of Serenity,
Fragments Of Unbecomming, Lay Down Rotten, Headshot, Sarx, Epicedium, Deifecation,
Veneral Disease, Dawn Of Disease, Uppercut, Baal, Suffocate Sanity, Endart, Depression)

released by Hard II Earn, Germany

Paranoyhard - Vol.7 CD (2005)

DEPRESSION - "(She´s) Satan in high Heels" (taken from split-CD/LP with Haemorrhage)

(w/Amphityon, Gaia Epicus, Grayscale, Shadow Season, Grand Alchemist, Horresco Referens,
Lex Talionis, Blood, Waco Jesus, Prostitute Disfigurement, Rupture Christ, Harmony Dies, Neuraxis,
Greenfly, Shadows FX, Dark Disciple, Immortal Rites, Depression)

released by Paranoyhard, France

Beyond Unknown - Vol.1 CD (DVD-Case) (2005)

DEPRESSION - "Leichenduft" (taken from split-CD/LP/MC with Mesrine)

(w/Orphan Hate, Re-Vision, Edge of Thorns, Echo of Dalriada, Boomerang, Mourning Sun,
Human Bloodfeast, Ill-Sanity, Thiudareiks, Frostborn, Evenless, Adrenochrom,
Human Nature, Refuel, Respawn, Leech, Disrupted, Gorezone, Depression)

released by Usound Records, Germany

Visceral Compilation - Vol.1 CD (2004)

DEPRESSION - "I will kill someone during Spring" (taken from split-7" EP with Gonorrhoeaction)

(w/ Deicide, Nocturnal Rites, Vile, Anata, Arcadia, Seventh Seal, Andromeda, Hypnotic Face, Mudra,
Mad Dragzter, Legion Sacra, Anima, Cháska, Velatoria, Burial Place, Flagelum Dei, Timecode, Sepulcro Tribal, Dyspraxia, Depression)

released by Visceral Magazine, Peru

One Underground Nation - "Non Profit Generation" Vol.1 CD (2004)

DEPRESSION - "Leichenduft" (taken from split-CD/LP/MC with Mesrine)

(w/Aphelion, Orkus, Darth, Gernotshagen, Chronicle of Tyrants, Nordafrost, Morrigan, Mentation,
Abyss Lord, In Cold Eternity, ILL Sanity, My Cold Embrace, Hysteria, Thorhait; Animus, Depression)

released by Svartis, Germany

Vulgar, Vile, Sick And Putrid Vol.1 CD (2004)

DEPRESSION - "Spring Time is Killing Time" (taken from split-7" EP with Gonorrhoeaction)

(w/ Visceral Trail, Anal Penetration, Gross, Implosive Disgorgence, Obese, Putrid Pile, Shit On Your Face,
Tumour, Uterus, Pregnant Fetus, Maggut, Carnality, Scumbitch, Carnival Of Carnage, Vomit Spawn,
Terminally Your Aborted Ghost, Mentally Challenged, Aemobic Dysentery, Depression)

released by Sounds Of Splat Records, USA

A Tribute to Gut CD (2003)

DEPRESSION - "Vagina Berserker" (exclusive track!)

(w/ Libido Airbag, Nunwhore Commando 666, Kots, Tu Carne, Vaginal Carnage, Haematuria,
Blue Holocaust, Lymphatic Phlegm, Feculence, Neuro Visceral Exhumation, Gronibard,
Namek, Bowel Stew, Manstractor, Uterus, Cliteater, Stoma, Ahumado Granujo,
Oxidized Razor, Autophagia, Rompeprop, Headcrash, Cerebral Turbulency, Carnal Diafragma,
Vaginal Incest, Maggut, Hipermenorrea, Gorecorpse, Tourette Syndrom, Butcher ABC,
Shunt Incission, Abosranie Bogom, Disgorged Foetus, Amok, Depression)

released by Alarma! Records, Mexico

A Tribute to Death - "Together as One" CD (2003)

DEPRESSION - "Torn to Pieces" (exclusive track, later used on 7" split-EP with Eroded)

(w/ Greenfly, Couragous, Fornication, Profanity, Adumus, Fuck the Facts, Rudra, Kaos Rising, Ye old Skabbard, Divine Rapture, Irredemption, Baalphegor, Leukorrhea, Depression)

released by Mondongo Canibale Records, Spain

Metal Merchant Vol.9 CD (2000)

DEPRESSION - "Gods of Grind" (taken from "Chronische Depression" CD/LP/MC)

(w/ Totenmond, Kind Diamond, Edguy, Mindfild, Personal War, Nostradameus, Destruction,
 Silent Force, Blood Red Angel, Raise Hell, Deris, Majestic, Endart, Impaled, Behind The Scenery,
Final Breath, Damnation, Opprobrium, Depression)

released by Metal Merchant, Germany

Zombie´s Torture MC (2000)

DEPRESSION - "Bloodcraving" (taken from "Chronische Depression" CD/LP/MC)
DEPRESSION - "Seven Feet under" (taken from "Chronische Depression" CD/LP/MC)
DEPRESSION - "Flesh of Mine" (taken from "Ein Hauch von Moder" 7" EP)
DEPRESSION - "A murmured Cry"" (taken from "Chronische Depression" CD/LP/MC)
DEPRESSION - ....in Desperation." (taken from "...in Verzweiflung." Demo)
DEPRESSION - "Cattle Grid" (taken from "Chronische Depression" CD/LP/MC)
DEPRESSION - "Cruel" (taken from "Chronische Depression" CD/LP/MC)
DEPRESSION - "Bloodheaven" (taken from split-CD/LP/MC with Agathocles)

(w/ Apoplexy, S.A.A.E.L., Tumour, Depression)

released by Symbolic Production, France

Trommelfeuer CD (1999)

DEPRESSION - "Suicide Fuck" (taken from split-10" LP with Rot)

(w/ Coercion, Taetre, Crack Up, Dispatched, Daemon, Azure, Execrate, Gods Of Emptiness, Tenebre, Inner Grotesque, Centinex, Castigate, Resurrected, Guerilla, Evemaster, Speerhead, Bonehouse, Depression)

released by Deadly Art, Germany

Pagan Hymns II - "Call from the Woods" MC (1999)

DEPRESSION - "Remember my Future" (taken from split-10" LP with Rot)
DEPRESSION - "Sun and Moon" (taken from split-10" LP with Rot)

(w/ Lux Occulta, D.a.B., Atavism, Elysium, Samodiva, Jesus Martyr, Agathocles, Tunrida, Fairlight, Depression)

released by Pagan Hymns, France

Refraktor Vol.6 MC (1999)

DEPRESSION - "Thy black Altar" (taken from split-10" LP with Rot)
DEPRESSION - "The Mangler" (taken from split-CD/LP/MC with Agathocles)

(w/ Carrion, Final Breath, Mechanix, Necrobiosis, Crucitied Whore, Seraphim, Silent Souls, Inch, A Colour Cold Black, Sick of Society, Depression)

released by Refraktor Zine, Germany

Sometimes Death Is Better 3CD (1998)

DEPRESSION - "Howling at my Backdoor " (taken from the split-7" EP with Maggot Shoes)
DEPRESSION - "The Mangler" (taken from split-CD/LP/MC with Agathocles)

(w/ Lifeless, Carcariass, Insepultus, Forever Mortal, Innermost, Krabathor, Inhumate, Primeval, Inverted, Soils Of Fate, Deviate, Nugatory, Dehydrated, Gardens Of Gehenna, Unknown Serenity, Garden Of Shadows, Tortura, Neglected Fields, Dispatched, No Silence, Anguish, Rotrave, Corpsevomit, Thalidomide, Kapybara, Passion, Forever Winter, Noctu, Mourning Beloveth, Celeste, Ad Infinitum, Forever Embraced, Agony, Posthumous, Embrace Of Fear, Brainwashed, Iniuria, Evocation, Firstborn Evil, Suicidal Winds, Storbais, Apostasy, Puritas Virginum, Sarcastic, Crestfallen, Evoke, Aeternum, Slander, Nefarious, Evocation, Earthcorpse, Scald, Mortal Gaze, Crackdown, Somnium, Mortal´s Dream, Dissolusion, Necrobiosis, Cryptic Art, Wolverine, Lachryma Christi, Minas Morgul, Uppon Elysian Shores, Artifact, Taarenes Vaar, Evensong, Anal Death, Faceless God, Leathal Curse, Elysium, Black Candle, Mindphaser, Nervochaos, Massground, Ewoc, Mephitis, Vargariket, Faerghail, Silentium, Depression)

released by Shiver Records, Belgium

From the Underground - Into the Light CD (1998)

DEPRESSION - "Broken Fragments" (exclusive track, later used on split-10" LP with Rot)

(w/ Behind the Scenery, Apophis, Somber Serenity, The Prior´s Diary, Fall in Shades, Overture, Nordwind, Nebular Moon, Gods of Emptiness, Sanitys Dawn, XSAD, Maghazi, Grass, Sarepta, Brain Dead, Depression)

released by Aberration Zine, Germany

Adamos Compilation CD (1997)

DEPRESSION - "Sathanas (I am God)" (exclusive track, later used on split-CD /LP/MCwith Agathocles)

(w/ Lightmare, Care of Souls, Vocation, R.S.I.P., Die apokalyptischen Reiter, Crucifixion, Slaughterlord, Final Breath, Bloodshot, Misbegotten, Black Destiny, Syracuse, Frog Shock, Necrobiosis, Freak, Physika Kai Mystika, Depression)

release by Nacht & Nebel Tonträger, Germany

Torment Compilation Vol.1 MC (1997)

DEPRESSION - "Bloodheaven" (taken from split-CD/LP/MC with Agathocles)
DEPRESSION - "The Mangler" (taken from split-CD/LP/MC with Agathocles)

(w/ Krabathor, Rhymes of Destruction, Agathocles, Panic Overdose, Malignant Tumour, Materia, Blood, Unholy Grave, Groinchurn, Psychoneurosis, Depression)

released by Torment Tapes, Belgium

Sleeping with the Dead Vol.1 MC (1997)

DEPRESSION - "Bloodheaven" (taken from split-CD/LP/MC with Agathocles)

(w/ DJ of Death, Mortifera, Sarepta, Bodai 39 Crew, Parapathie Neurose, Grass, Anus Phallus, Anticipation, Depression)

released by Total Underground Tapes, Germany

DEW Compilation CD (1996)

DEPRESSION - "Eroded Epitaph" (taken from "Ein Hauch von Moder" split-7" EP)

(w/ Unknown, Social Disease, Dissolute Paradise, Cohegan, Lacrima Christi, Krawler, B.M.W., Krusher, Scum, Toxic Death, Antitox, Blackend, Mastic Scum, Velvet Thorns, Echo, Scriptoris Irae, Depression)

release by Nacht & Nebel Tonträger, Germany

Suffer Tapes Vol.4 MC (1996)

DEPRESSION - "Eroded Epitaph" (taken from "Ein Hauch von Moder" 7" EP)

(w/ Haemorrhage, Insaluibrious, Path of Debris, Dismal, Mastic Scum, Avulsed, Groinchurn, Glasnostfastnotconfirmated, Suppository, Dementor, Hel, Salem, Blood, Sickness, Cautery, Godless Truth, Agonia, Psoriaris, Gods of Grind, Mangled Torsos, Wallcrawler, Deface, Pyrexia, Depression)

released by Suffer Tapes, Germany

Prophetic Revelations MC (1996)

DEPRESSION - "Eroded Epitaph" (advance track, later on "Ein Hauch von Moder" 7" EP)

(w/ Scion, Obscure Disaster, Mucupurulent, Violation, Beheaded, Insepultus, Krusher, Into Oblivion, Deep Stahl, Obscurus, Imperial Foeticide, Astaroth, Mastic Scum, Fleshless, Embedded, Blood, Purgatory, Fangorn, Dementia, Depression)

released by G.U.C. Zine, Germany

Battle of the Hero´s Vol.1 MC (1996)

DEPRESSION - "Desperation of my Soul" (taken from "Ein Hauch von Moder" 7" EP)

(w/ Impending Dread, Second Reality, Homicide, Wizard, Innomiandum, Resurrected, Inhuman, Orth, Sarepta, Under Black Clouds, Dawn, Pestsau, Pagan Lorn, Crawlspace, Anaconda, Bonehouse, Sanatorium, Christ Denied, Harmony Dies, Justire, Demantor, Eternal Sadness, Sanitys Dawn, Maggot Shoes, Depression)

released by Underground Promotion, Germany

Here lies your Trend Vol.1 MC (1996)

DEPRESSION - "Dogmatize" (taken from "Ein Hauch von Moder" 7" EP)

(w/ Eternal Sadness, Wasteland, Sanatorium, Obscure Disaster, Chaos and Technocrazy, Decayed Catacomb, Forlorn Legacy, Caress, Airfresh, Depression)

released by Trendkill Distribution, Slovenia

Sounds of the dying World Vol.1 MC (1994)

DEPRESSION - "Unreal Relations" (taken from "...in Verzweiflung." Demo)

(w/ Angels in Exile, Homicide, Haggard, Dismal, Living Impaired, Angelkill, Primitive Noise, Purgatory, Gods of Grind, In the Woods..., Loonatikk, Exmortis, Lethal Compulsion, Atonment, SFD, Misery, Emperor, Malediction, Depression)

released by Russian Bear, Russia

Suffer Tapes Vol.1 MC (1993)

DEPRESSION - "Slowly passing timeless Horrors" (taken from "...in Verzweiflung." Demo)

(w/ Belphegor, Dawn of Decay, Mayhemic Truth, Nembrionic Hammerdeath, Ante Mortem, Krabathor, Asmodina, Salem, Lubricant, Ancient Ceremony, Scum, Abszess, Gutrench, Sacrificial, Obscenity, Depression)

released by Suffer Tapes, Germany